Time For Change

Welcome to my iamygenie blog website!

A place of dream creation and hope manifestation.  Where abundance of everything good and positive will take place.  No place for negativity here, none.

Before we pursue any further we must first clean house, and face the reality that we alone created our present, the condition we are in.  Whether it be great life or a bad one.  Whether you be a successful millionaire with everything that you dreamed of having and have, the other a homeless drug addict with no hope.  And everything in between, which should cover just about everyone.  I know these are extreme examples but I’m trying to illustrate a point.

We are also not here to play the blame game.  I know certain circumstances were beyond ones control (war, famine, natural disaster, born into dysfunctional family, an orphan, I can go on and on…) I sympathize but shit happens, it happened, you survived, now it is time to lick your wounds, heal and move onto greater and awesome things awaiting for you.  The person you always wanted to be, the person you will be, the person you are.  You can change in an instant with a snap of your finger, if you believe.  If you have to pretend , do so until you become it.

Okay, now let’s start creating the new you, the you you always wanted to become.  One more thing, here we use alot of imagination.  I know this concept can be hard for many adults but please try.  Remember when you were five years old.  The world was really your oyster, you pretended to be who you wanted to be right, remember?  One minute you were the super hero or heroin next minute you were the kick ass musician you watched on TV, in a movie or concert.  “Mom where is the cape?”  Not sure why most super heroes wear capes, they sure don’t help you fly?  For the females, Wonder Woman, Isis, and Barbie right?  The beautiful world of Barbie if I recall;  the house, the car, Ken the handsome boyfriend or was he her husband?  You get the picture.

I know some of you skeptics are thinking are you serious?  This is silly and ridiculous I can’t do this.  If you think it so, so shall it be.  For this is the universal law.  The law of attraction makes it so.  I am not here to preach nor am I here to prove anyone as right or wrong.  The real reason I created this blog is because I finally get why we are here and what good is it if you can’t share with others.

One of the things wrong with this world is that it has become a world of greed and conceit. Taking, hiding and stashing away more stuff than one really needs.  We don’t give and share anymore like we used to.  The best way to share was to create this WordPress website which has a potential to reach infinity, cool.

We are all creators, we are creating all the time.  We are more powerful than we imagine.  We are all students and teachers.  I believe “when the student is ready the master/teacher will appear”.

So go ahead and imagine, pretend if you have to, take on the role (like an actor), challenge yourself, become extraordinary.  “Fake it til you make it”  Do whatever you need to do to get there. Draw pictures of you succeeding, create and put up your story board or collage, visualize it everyday, preach, sing, chant, dance, tell your story;  the moment you get up to the time you go to bed, even in your dreams.  Become that, be your dream, make it feel real, then it will be. For the mind cannot tell the difference (remember the movie Matrix).  Then one day without much thought you have become that successful person that you always wanted to be.

Intensity is important (we recall intense situations not boring ones, that’s how our brain works, unfortunately we remember bad situations as well, since we can’t erase our memory like a computer the key is to give them less energy), but consistancy is more powerful for we are creatures of habit.  Consistent thoughts and actions will become a habit.  Habits generally start to form in about 20 days if we are consistant and affirmation takes place in about 40 days.  That’s why a lot of so call gurus like to use 90 days as a benchmark, it gives people some cushion if one messes up.  But I believe if you are a phychotic genius type in other words highly driven and motivated individual.  Just a snap of your fingers can get you into that state, if you can get into that emotional and mental state or frame of mind, then the results will be much faster.

But that takes a tremendous amount energy which most of don’t have.  What I mean is that, most us have lived idealistic lives as a normal human being busy with families and friends.  So those associations makes it difficult to change immediately.  Because those people gives us affirmations of who we are;  father, mother, son, daughter, brother, sister, friend, colleague, and so on.  Ideal situation is when or if you move to a new location, this transformation can happen very quickly.  Good case in point are the people that are in the witness protection program.  Some even go far as not only changing their names but changing their looks (through plastic surgery).  This is another extreme but a true example of how people can change their lives.

Start a new, fresh life.  How inspired and or desperate are you to make that change?  There is a saying “A person will act either by inspiration or through desperation”  Unfortunately, most people act because of desperation, but it can be a good powerful motivating factor for dramatic change and transformation.

That’s all for today, and remember,



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